Welcome to the Re•Finery on Seventh, Gallatin Valley’s fine furnishing resale showroom.

Explore our stellar range of high-quality home décor and upscale used furniture. When you need a sparkle in your Bozeman home, Refinery on Seventh is your plug for the most up to date selection of exquisite furnishing and home décor options priced at a rate you cannot afford to pass up.

Now with three convenient locations!

Re•Finery North is our original location offering high quality, upscale home décor, gently used furniture. Located North of Murdoch’s at 2777 N 7th Ave in Bozeman, MT.

Re•Finery Midtown is our expansion store. Same dependable service, more high quality, upscale home décor and gently used furniture just in another location! Located in the heart of Midtown Bozeman at 425 N 7th Ave.

R7 Belgrade is our upscale resale warehouse. We’re overstocked with gently used larger furniture here, with the same Re•Finery experience you’d expect. Located in Belgrade at 8452 Jackrabbit Lane.


Faultlessly used pieces in pristine condition

Refinery on Seventh curates a prized line-up of mint condition furniture and upscale home décor. In sourcing and sorting furniture options, we utilize a carefully designed grading process that ensures only furniture and home pieces corresponding to our impeccably high standards ever get to grace our showroom. Shop today at Refinery on Seventh to see what this carefully curated collection looks and feels like. When you do so, you’re making your pick from the best resale items available in the market.

Quality offerings at prices you can’t beat.

High-end, luxury, and timeless are not terms you traditionally associate with affordable, but at Refinery on Seventh, we dare to defy the standing status quo. As veteran actors in the resale market, we’ve mastered the market well enough to find the perfect balance between quality and affordability. Our furniture and home décor collections debut at pocket-friendly prices that redefine the phrase value for money. With Refinery on Seventh, you can save up to 75% off retail!

Furniture for all tastes and preferences

What’s your style? What’s your preference? At Refinery on Seventh, we host a highly varied collection of Bozeman’s most excellent furniture and home décor pieces, all guaranteed to satisfy your furnishing and home décor needs, no matter how peculiar they turn out to be. From ultra-high-end designer pieces to upscale home décor items and even traditional off-the-shelf furniture, we are your one-stop-shop for all your home furnishing and décor solutions.

See it all at one place

Don’t trust our word for it? Treat yourself to a showing of our impressive home furnishing and interior décor items and see it all yourself. At the Refinery on Seventh showroom, you’ll find well over 1000ft of home furnishing and upscale décor options handpicked to cater for all your home furnishing and beautifying needs.